How Long cord blood can be stored

how long cord blood can be stored
how long cord blood can be stored

How Long cord blood can be stored

Theoretically, stem cells should last forever, but cord blood research has only been ongoing since the 1970s, so the maximum time for storage and potential usage are still being determined.

However, studies have shown good cord blood cell recovery after up to ten years of storage (Clin Exp Immunol 1997; 107, Suppl 1), but there is no concrete answer as studies are ongoing to determine the storage life of cord blood units.

Even after 15 years in the deep freeze, human umbilical cord blood may be used to restore bone marrow in cancer patients, according to a study that showed cells from long-frozen specimens were able to grow and expand in laboratory mice.

“People have been wondering how long we can freeze and store these cells,” said Hal Broxmeyer , a researcher at the Indiana University School of Medicine. “Our paper says it is highly likely that they can be stored for at least 15 years.”

In a study appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Broxmeyer and his co-author report that human cord blood frozen in 1985 and 1986 was able to grow in laboratory cultures with the same vigor as fresh cord blood. When put into mice, the defrosted cells thrived in the laboratory animals` bone marrow.

Dr. Celso Bianco of America`s Blood Centers, an organization of blood and bone marrow banking companies, said the research finding by Broxmeyer is very important for expanding the availability of material for bone marrow transplants.

However, Bianco cautioned that the Broxmeyer study is experimental, and 15-year-old cells will have to prove themselves in clinical use before such lengthy preservation by freezing is accepted by other experts in the field.

Researchers and scientists are much hopeful that cord blood can be stored for much longer time period provided all the necessary care is been taken while collecting and storing it.

However, as of yet this is one of the main disadvantages that it is not known how long cord blood can be stored without losing its effectiveness.

Fortunately, the supply of cord blood is potentially so great that banks could discard older samples. Thus far, cord blood samples have been preserved for as long as 8 years and then successfully transplanted.

By comparison, autologous bone marrow stored for 2 years and longer (up to 11 years in one case) has been successfully transplanted in 94% to 97% of patients.

How Long cord blood can be stored

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